The APEX Physiological Recovery Score app is a research app to test 4 new markers of recovery for all patients in hospital. From the C-reactive protein time course APEX derives the following new recovery measures:

  • The Acute-Phase Response (APR).
  • The APEX Score: The current APEX score for a patient is the net number of hours for which the acute phase has been rising and falling.
  • APEX Hours: The time for which the acute phase has been rising.
  • 8 Hour CRP Prediction: A unique 8-hr prediction of the serum CRP concentration made based on the trend in the acute phase.

The data are presented on a patient dashboard along with the Early Warning Score (EWS).

Dashboard Driven Recovery Monitoring


APEX is designed to be convenient to use and as such all of the commonly used features of the app can be accessed from a single screen – the patient dashboard. From the patient dashboard it is possible to:

  • Monitor the patient’s recovery markers.
  • Add new CRP and EWS values within just a few taps and see the patient’s chart up date in real time.
  • Tap on data points on the chart to correct any input errors as they happen.

App Purpose

The perfect physiological recovery may now be defined a as a continually falling acute phase response – the Recovery Hypothesis. The purpose of the App is to Crowd-Source the data required to validate the hypothesis. You can publish the data independently or in collaboration – please feel free to contact us.

Remember that the APEX App is a research app, and as such:

  • No data leaves the APP.
  • You are responsible to maintain the anonymity of the patient information.
  • You are responsible for your local data protection regulations.
  • You are responsible for your local ethics compliance.
  • You have agreed to the Terms and Conditions.

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