APEX-iPad-001 APEX-iPad-002
The APEX Physiological Recovery Score app is a research app to test 4 new markers of recovery for all patients in hospital. APEX derives the acute phase itself, the total number of hours for which a patient’s acute phase response is rising, the current net number of hours for which acute phase has been rising and falling and a unique 8hr-prediction of the CRP serum concentration. The data are presented on a patient chart along with the serum CRP levels and the Early Warning Score (EWS). A good recovery may be defined as a continually falling acute phase response and the app will collect data to test this hypothesis. The user is required to input the data for CRP and EWS from which the APEX scores are derived all displayed on the Patient Dashboard. Data entry through the dashboard enables the time course of the patient’s recovery to be visualised. The data can be sent by email for further analysis and publication.

All users are responsible for compliance with their local ethics and data storage regulations for the use of the app and subsequent publications. See the terms and conditions.